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Intermediate Microeconomics (Instructor)


Student Evaluations: Summer 2016, Summer 2017

  •  “Economics has never been easy for me. For the first time, I am interested in learning more about economics and having fun learning in class. Thank you, Professor Prateik.”

  • “The most responsive instructor ever. Well rounded person that have a very good teaching skills. Usually 'smart' professor tend to be not helpful or very self–centered, but he was really great. He prepares well on his powerpoints ( I could see he put enormous time on it) I think, he is better than most of the professors here. The department should really think again about the professors. I would rather take him than most of the tenured professor. Awesome work! thanks for teaching! It was really great to have you.”

  • “The professor is great at explaining concepts, even though he is still a grad student he will make a great professor one day.” 

  •  “Professor Dalmia is a very straight forward and uses examples that are current and relevant, this enables us (his students), to better grasp the concept being taught. Also, he is very accommodating with his office hours and availability after class. Due to Professor Dalmia's teaching method, as his student you don't want to disappoint him and really try to do your best on homework, tests, etc... and he also makes you WANT to participate in class. He is always encouraging us to ask questions and makes sure that we understand a concept before moving on.”

Promoting Achievement and Diversity in Economics (Mentor and Graduate Assistant)

2016-2017: More here.

Instructor in inaugural year of program to provide mentorship, professional development, and tutoring to a dozen motivated economic majors from underrepresented minority backgrounds. Students have landed jobs at the Fed, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac among others.


Methods and Tools of Economic Analysis (TA)

Student Evaluations: Fall 2015A, Fall 2015B, Fall 2015C

  • “Prateik is by far the best TA I've had in my time at UMD. He was always prepared for discussion and taught the material in a way that made it easier to comprehend. Additionally, he was always very encouraging and it was easy to tell that he truly cared about us learning the material. I don't think I would have done as well in this class as I did had it not been for him.”

  • “One of the best TAs I've had here at UMD. He really tries to help everyone.”


Intermediate Microeconomics (TA)

Student Evaluations: Fall 2014A, Fall 2014B

  • “Prateik made the concepts a bit more accessible. I found myself using his notes rather than the professor's to complete much of my homework and study from.”

  • “Prateik is a very smart guy, and he really wants to help everyone. He doesn't run through material, he makes sure that everyone understands. I have a lot of respect for him.”

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